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All work is under a attribution type of Creative Commons license
You can view my work that I have done since I have been programming and coding and such or what I'm working on at this moment in time however, not all of my work is listed here just the stuff I am mostly kind of proud of, wish to release to the public or have permission to display.      
NotePad+ Regular Updates

NotePad Plus is a basic text editing program and it is most commonly used to view or edit text files. A text file is a file type typically identified by the .txt extension. NotePad Plus is free and always will be (why?) however you are welcome to download this free program. Feel free to review the license agreement.

The Habbo Imager Regular Updates

The Habbo Imager is a Windows desktop application The Habbo Imager was created by m0nsta. but styled and edited by JordanTBH Networks, of course with full permission from m0nsta.

UploadMe (Firefox, Chrome, Desktop & Web) Regular Updates

UploadMe (or UploadMeNow) Is a free file hosting web site. Share files with your friends and family for free with amazing uptime, UploadMe is the number 1 source for your online image hosting experience also follow @UploadMeNow on twitter.

On 31st of October 2011 we released our Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Applications which are completely free.

DjDansRadio Radio app for Windows Limited Updates

DjDansRadio Radio Plugin is a radio client for Windows you can enjoy the music, send in your requests for the next DJ and make sure you stay tuned in to hear your request.

Snog Social add-on site for Closed

Snog Social is extra platform (third party) for the Snog / Snog Marry Avoid website. You can share social links with ease of a button to the public or use the privacy settings for friends only, logged in, or selected members. The project closed on 30-01-2012.