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Worked With
from YouTube to VEVO and recording artists.

Who I've worked with/for..

Not everyone is listed due to privacy reasons.

YouTube AveryOFFICIAL, Charlieissoboredlike, cimorellitheband, DaveDays, DeChrii, Itsbronte1, JacksGap, JuliaSheer, dicasp (Was In UK), Kimmi, Lacigreen, Luke Cottingham, MarcusButlerTV, MusicalBethan, OFFICIALsampepper, Mike Tompkins, PointlessBlog (PointlessBlogTV), TarynSouthern, Tikeyhl, Tyleroakley, idoitlikeahoe, ThatcherJoe, ItsRaphaBlueBerry and Zoella280390.
Artists AveryOFFICIAL, Fugative, Olly Murs, Ellie Goulding (2011) Mike Tompkins, DaveDays, JuliaSheer & Luke Cottingham
DesignHub Luke C and SK1B1
Programming / Coding Daniel P, Hayden W