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Jordan Couzens
Biography, learn more about JordanTBH
JordanTBH Biography.. Edit Biography
I'm Jordan (also known as "JordanTBH", the "Geek" or "Nerd") and I develop websites, Mobile Applications, iPhone & iPad Apps (iOS/Android) I also do computer work (including repairs, builds and upgrades.) and other awesome technology. I'm Founder and CEO at TechMania-Hosts April 2008 - Present.

I code websites which most of it is done in (X)HTML and CSS with the aid of JavaScript and jQuery - all at a professional level, of course you can find our more about all theses programming languages here. I also Jailbreak/Unlock iOS devices running any firmware version.

I'm looking into Adobe Flash I know the basics but not the advanced side. If you wish to hire me or you just want to chat then shoot me an email. My coding skills are immense, prime standard compliant coding that provides you a friendly & functional coded site.

I currently live in the United Kingdom (UK) from Sittingbourne, Kent. I've five great brothers. I'm currently Single.

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General the basics..
Birthday 02 December 1993 (18)
Gender Male
Interested in Women
Looking For Friendship
Relationship Status In a relationship with Shannon
Anniversary 7TH April 2012
Languages English British (GB)
Work Currently Founder and CEO at TechMania-Hosts
Work Sittingbourne Community College (2009)
In Depth Biography New View Overview Learn more about me. test your knowledge.
Worked With Beta View Overview People I've worked with on projects or some kind.
Interests Beta View All Interests Music. Inspirational People. Television & more.
Facts true or false..
  • I eat alot of junk food, daily
  • I spend far too much time on my computer
  • Jordan Couzens doesn't have any more facts yet!
  • Jordan Couzens doesn't have any more facts yet!
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