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Jordan's Profile
Lets get back to some of the actual stuff thats true about me

Jordan's Profile

I'm Jordan (or the "Geek/Nerd") and I develop websites, iPhone & iPad Apps, (iOS/Android) I also do computers and other awesome technology. I'm CEO & Founder of TechMania-Hosts since April 2008 to present.

I code websites not many but most of it is done in (X)HTML and CSS with the aid of Javascript, jQuery, All at a professional level, you can find our more about all theses languages here.

I've been looking into PHP/flash i know the basic of PHP however not the advanced side, If you wish to hire me or you just want to chat then check out the contact page and you can find all my details there, my coding skills are immense, prime standard compliant coding that provides you a friendly & functional code.

I live in the United Kingdom, and come from Kent, Sittingbourne I've brothers however i don't have any sisters thank god.

I'm in a relationship with Bekkah Longley. We've been together since The 19th May 2010 her location is London United Kingdom.

I'm currently rather busy however still feel free to contact me as i might be able to fit you in or recommend someone for you at least.

Well, while you're still reading this why not subscribe to my newsletter, It's free and always will be all you need to do is enter your email address simply! You will receive links to free downloads of software, goodies, and giveaways that can include iPad 2 and more and some other tech news once a month.


Here are some useful coding Languages that you may wish to learn or look-up on. Click the language to visit it's wikipedia.
Also feel free to checkout my blog post on the most popular languages.


  • My Birthday is in December
  • I'm Male. (obviously?)
  • I eat alot of junk food, daily.
  • I spent far to much time on my Computer.
  • I can play mutiple instruments: Piano, Guitar (non-electric) and Drums.